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Mr. Galdi President and CEO at Global Mobile Network Pte Ltd

In 1994  People's Network, Internet pioneer in Europe setting up and running the second largest ISP in Italy and the fifth in Europe,

In the 2001 Mecotek setup 2 manufactiring plan in Chine and 2002 in Thailand as Director of R&D and Production strategies.

In 2002 he lead the bigest Mecotek project with Italian public administration, producing custom made Personal Computer

in 2003 he design and put in mass production one of the first Multimedia LCD-PC in the market, presented in exclusive to the famous Hannover exibition CEBIT, 

In the early 2005 he found Telme Communication and took the role of President and Vice President of R&D, creating one of the first retail, fix and mobile-Voip platform launching in the market one of the first consumer based Voip application in Italy and Russia.

Telme communication in only 3 years achive incredible results operating in over 10 countries with over 250K subscribers and 75K Distributors thanks to the innovative Multidimensional Marketing business model.

Today he is President and CEO at Global Mobile Network Pte Ltd leading the start-up phase of a multimillion funded company.

Toshiba/ Quality

Fortune 500 World-wide Company.  Quality well known industry

Helo was introduced by Toshiba at the Vegas Tech Conference in 2016

HELO LX by Antonio De Rosa
CEO of Socialmatic LLC

Designer of the HELO LX,   Known for his collaborations with  Smart, Swatch and Rolls Royce and many companies in the IT area in Singapore and Hong Kong.
His reputation grew with his concepts regarding future Apple products, like the iWatch (2010), iCam (2011), respectively prototype of a watch and a camera Apple branded, in addition to a long list of acclaimed iPhone